Lazy Cultural Engagement: “…we tend to treat actual cultural artifacts in the way we sometimes treat the Bible: as “proof texts” from which we can draw principles or truths for application. Though we love the Bible, we evangelicals in particular have often treated verses as if they stand alone, forgetting that the story in which they appear speaks just as much as the verses themselves. Form speaks, as well as content.”

I guess it’s a movie day today in linkage. Here’s Thomas MacKenzie’s review of the new Left Behind movie, which starts off being hilarious and ends up being really encouraging.

I posted this a while back on facebook, but I wanted to keep it here, too. Maybe you need this encouragement for moms that It’s Their Day, Too.

Here’s a worthwhile kickstarter to support. Sam Smith is a good friend of ours and he’s putting out his first novel! My kids laughed and laughed over this video:

Slotted Spoons Don’t Hold Much Soup

Finally… A TRAILER!

I think the only person I could deal with replacing Bernadette Peters as the witch is Meryl, so I’m grateful they got that right.

“And though scary is exciting
Nice is different than good.”

– Little Red Riding Hood

A Very Happy Date-a-versary

Fourteen years ago tonight, David and I went on our first official date.  It was to see the following terrible, awful, movie:

But since it was our first official date, we are inextricably linked to it for all eternity.

We don’t usually share this information with people, but now all of you can join us in a collective groan for our sad late-90’s selves and our small town and how there was nothing else to do.


You can read the story of how we met and married here.

Groundhog Day!

I know it’s odd, but today is a minor holiday in our home. These are the traditions we observe:
  • Mom running to the TV, only to find that she has once again missed the televised coverage of Gobbler’s Knob.  (it won’t happen today.  It won’t.  It won’t.)
  • Making Groundhog cupcakes. Find the recipe here.  Unfortunately, our move is interfering with my ability to make these this year.
  • Watching the movie “Groundhog Day.”
Here are some favorite quotes from the movie:
“This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.”
“People like blood sausage too, people are morons.”
[to the groundhog who he’s holding behind the wheel of the truck he’s driving] “Don’t drive angry. Do not drive angry.”
 And of course there’s Needlenosed Ned, Ned the Head, Ned Ryerson.  Bing!

For those of you who have not seen it, “Groundhog Day” is the story of Phil Conners, a weatherman from Pittsburgh who ends up reliving Groundhog Day over and over in Punxatawny, PA. It stars Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.
I may be overthinking it, but this movie reminds me of “A Christmas Carol” a little bit. Remember Ebenezer Scrooge, resolute but terrified, insisting to the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, “a life can be made right!!”? Phil must learn a similar lesson in Punxatawny.

An old story from National Review about Groundhog Day

This was originally posted on 2/2/07.

Romantic Comedies for Cynics

This past weekend David was away with one of the boys for a scout camping trip.  While the rest of us carried on here at home, one of my guys went down with a virus, which means we were cooped up for most of the weekend.

So naturally, after the kids were in bed, I used the opportunity to catch up on a few of the romantic comedies on Netflix that I hadn’t seen.  But I’m sort of alarmed at my level of cynicism as regards the genre now…have I outgrown RomComs?

Example One:  Never Been Kissed.  Drew Barrymore plays a plucky young reporter who goes undercover as a seventeen year old student at a local high school.  She falls for her English teacher (naturally, because English teachers are awesome and can do things like discuss Shakespeare).  He also falls for her, and I think the audience is supposed to sense romantic tension.  I guess this is OK because the audience knows that she’s really 25?

I can’t say for sure, because all I could think was “PEDOPHILE!  WHAT IF SHE REALLY WAS 17?!  WARNING!  WARNING!  BADBADBAD CREEPYCREEPYCREEPY”.  Yes, the final scene was cute and I got a little warm fuzzy feeling when he dashed down onto the baseball field to kiss her on the pitcher’s mound.  Still…the previous weirdness pretty much spoiled it for me.  Blech.

Example Two:  The Accidental Husband.  Here I’ll just post the remnants of my gChat with my sister as the movie was wrapping up:

me: wow, this movie just gets worse and worse
her: haahah
me: no woman would break up with Colin Firth on the wedding day after she’s all dressed and he’s standing there in a tuxedo*
her:  this is true
me:  oh, and look…he’s doing the stand up thing and saying he’ll break up with her because he knows she’s in love with the other guy
her:  of course he is
me:  who is a secondary actor from Grey’s Anatomy**
her:  maybe they’ll leave and get on a bus
me:  duuuuhhhh
her:  like in The Graduate
me:  nope, but close.  she started a fire in the church because the other guy is a firefighter
her:  THERE you go! of course!

*I’m pretty sure you could prove this scientifically.
** who is admittedly quite handsome but is not Mr. Darcy.


 FACT:  I used to own these Keds.  However, I did not pay $125 for them.

They’re bringing them back!

FACT:  Every time I hear the opening strains of “I Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum come on the radio, I yell out “DRUNK-DIALING SONG!”  Softer hearted people might like it, but I can’t stand that it was the song of the year last year.  Seriously, what good ever came from drunk-dialing your ex?!

FACT:  There are two actors who I most associate with my husband.  I think these guys are a little bit to blame (credit) for my falling for David:

1. Jimmy Stewart



2. Danny Kaye

Here’s Danny (R) hamming it up with Bing Crosby in White Christmassource

(Congrats, Melanie, you got it right! I asked this question on facebook and twitter last week and Melanie got it right away.  She also said she’d like to see David dance like Danny.  I second that.)

FACT:  Danny Kaye in White Christmas reminds both David and me of a more modern small-screen character…

Cosmo Kramer from “Seinfeld” — source

The Greatest Power in the Universe

Good stuff here on Harry Potter and Christian themes.

HT: Take Your Vitamin Z