One Thousand Gifts 3.26.12

249.  Last week’s Blue and Gold banquet brought Cameron’s Arrow of Light Award.  This is the highest award given to Cub Scouts.  It was a big moment for him.

250.  David and the three oldest boys making their “Feller Cakes” :  cakes made only by the fellers in the family — meaning I was not allowed to help in any way. This was especially hilarious in a new kitchen where everything is unfamiliar.

251.  Wednesday night’s Seder supper with our friends in FLOCK (what our church calls small group).  We had it outside, which was a first for us.

252.  Boys gaining experience with the computer; doing homework and helping each other.

253.  A sweet family night at Pizza Hut celebrating our good readers.

254.  A great date night with my husband.  We like to take the kids to concerts, but sometimes it’s nice to see Andrew Peterson without them, too.

255.  Hard working Saturdays that make for restful Sundays.

The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 
1 Corinthians 15:56-57

One Thousand Gifts 3.12.12

243. more progress on the house.  We were able to host our first small group meeting here on Wednesday night.  Despite a few hiccups — like missing chairs! — we made it through nicely.
244. safe travel for my husband to the Far East.  16 hours on a flight…I don’t envy him that!  FaceTime has been keeping us in touch.
245. more progress on next year’s homeschool co-op.  It’s so nice to see things start to solidify.
246. spring!  Pear trees, daffodils, forsythia all in bloom.
247. a chance to do more wedding flowers…I love these opportunities.  Thankful for my mom for employing me all those years so some of her skills could rub off on me.
248. sweet quiet afternoon chatting with a friend.  It seems like the Sunday after the time change is always a chance to talk long in the sun.  I have a lot of treasured memories of that day on the calendar.  Yesterday will be another.

hydrangeas, alstromeria, and waxflowers

One Thousand Gifts 3.5.12

I’m back — maybe for good this time.  Unpacking has gotten to a manageable level around here and I actually went for a walk this morning as the sun came up.  It’s nice to be returning to some state of normalcy.

If you look carefully in the picture to the right, you’ll see a little puffed-up bird.  It’s a titmouse who visited us for several days whilst throwing his body against the glass.  I think he was fighting with himself.  Recently, he has moved on and no longer comes to call.

Look behind him!  That’s our backyard.  It’s so wooded and lovely.  The new place is great, and I can’t wait to share more with you all.

234.  dinner on the deck with friends after a 77-degree day last Thursday (March 1st!)
235.  tearful spiritual conversations with our kids
236.  catching up with my Italy friend
237.  co-op friends, for me and the kids
238.  a levelheaded husband who manages things when I reach a frustration point with “I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING AND NOTHING IS WHERE IT BELONGS!”
239.  daffodils everywhere
240.  Romans 8
241.  Romans 9
242.  my first baking excursion in my new kitchen.  It felt good to be back at work.

One Thousand Gifts 2.20.12

227.  a successful move to our new place this past Saturday.
228.  Deacons who fulfill their role and humbly serve.  “For those who serve well as deacons gain a good standing for themselves and also great confidence in the faith that is in Christ Jesus.” (1 Timothy 3:13 ESV)  Thank you Ben, Wayne, and Kyle for your tireless service.  Also, Keith, Peter, and Tyrone all helped for a time on Saturday with the heavy lifting.  Jennie, Erin, Erin, and Suni helped with the lighter stuff.
229.  Our real estate agent, Sharon, who was with us for twelve hours on Saturday.  She cleaned, she packed, she vacuumed, she unpacked, and she worked on one set of stubborn bunk beds for over an hour, making sure that my kids had a place to sleep on Saturday night.  I don’t know and can’t list everything she did for us.
230.  My mom, who came for a week and helped on each end of the move.  Yesterday was her birthday.
231.  The kids were pretty resilient.  The boys are old enough to carry a good bit now, and they did it.  Maddie was exhausted by 6:30, and she started crying when I asked her to put away her shoes and socks.  She pleaded, “Can this be my last job?”
232.  Sweet housewarming gifts, one from Erin which was reminiscent of the gift I gave her when she moved in to her new place.  So fun.
233.  Snow last night!

One Thousand Gifts 2.13.12

220.  my flexible kids, living in the midst of moving chaos.  They are doing much better with it than I am.
221.  more friends, more help.
222.  forsythia starting to bloom
223.  daffodils everywhere
224.  a stomach virus that visited all of the kids for a VERY short time, and left us parents alone
225.  a year since Jonathan was hospitalized with a ruptured appendix
226.  little victories…Maddie can now buckle her own seatbelt

One Thousand Gifts 2.5.12

Wow, what a week.  We had so many BIG things happen, and I feel so humbled by the grace to wake up every morning and carry on through my tasks, big and small.  School is now at a minimum level since we are packing up with great fervor and trying to spend some time at the new place getting some painting done.  I am not as “come-what-may” as other homeschooling mothers, so I always have a hard time putting school to the side and believing that we’ll catch up later.  But sometimes it is necessary.  And in this case, we have had a couple of afternoons already of playing in the leaves and running around in the fresh air in our OWN backyard — imagine that!  So God has supplied the grace to just roll with it and enjoy this time.  Thankful.

213.  a smooth closing on our new place
214.  talking with the former lady of our house, appreciating all the work she’s put into the yard.  She is a grade-A gardener, and I am the blessed recipient of twenty-five years of her efforts.
215.  friends who say, “let me know if you need help,” and REALLY MEAN IT.  So rare and wonderful!
216.  a much-needed night out of the house with Laura on Friday, attending the NoDa All Arts Market.  Catching up with Dana a bit and buying a new necklace from her shop.  And I’m thankful that the fork ring I got stuck on my finger when I was trying it on…finally came off.  Sometimes I wonder if I should be allowed out of the house.
217.  answered prayer in a church meeting — honesty & openness
218.  our homeschool co-op.  I love the moms I’ve met there this year.
219.  the pinewood derby! Such a fun night, win or lose.

One Thousand Gifts 1.30.12

206. My new co-op class, based on the book Ten Boys Who Made History. I enjoy teaching it, and so far the student seem to enjoy learning. Hope it keeps up!
207. Packing kicking up into high gear
208. Friends who give their time and energy to get us boxes and pack with us
209. Pinewood derby preparations
210. Doctors who seem like old friends
211. Great sermon on Romans 8:28-30
212. An afternoon with great friends who don’t care that there are boxes everywhere or that we serve wine in juice glasses, because the wine glasses are packed