Behold the King of Glory

beholdkingBack in December I reminded you of the devotional book I read throughout Advent, entitled Behold the Lamb of God. The author, Russ Ramsey, has just released a book for Lent along the same lines. Russ’ writing is rooted in Scripture, helped by historical insights, and meditative. I look forward to making my way through it this spring.

In the interview with Barnabas Piper at The Blazing Center, Russ says, “With Behold the King of Glory, I tried to take the narratives of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and put them into a single story in such a way that the reader would come away with a clearer sense of the arc of Jesus’s earthly ministry.”

(And for those of you still fuzzy on the church calendar, Lent begins February 18.)

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A Good Book Giveaway

When we attended T4G 2014 last spring, I noticed that the book rooms were more international than the previous discoverconference. There were publishers from other countries and continents — a good sign that the American church is getting its head up and looking around for like-minded Christians across the globe.

One company I’ve always appreciated is The Good Book company, out of Surrey, England. In the last six months, we’ve begun ordering their resources for our kids. They issue quarterly devotional magazines for various age groups. You can see more here. Our older boys use the “Discover” magazine; our youngest uses the XTB series.

While we want a personal devotional time to be borne from a place of joy and desire for wisdom, we want to also instill good habits in the kids while they’re young. In our home, that means we pull them out of bed early and encourage them to dig in.

If you’d like to find out more about these resources, today you’re in luck! I’m giving away one issue of the XTB magazine (designed for kids 7-11). The freebie is Issue One: The Book of Beginnings, with selections from Genesis, Matthew, and Acts.

Click here to go to rafflecopter and fill in your chance to win! The contest runs until Friday evening.

An Advent Narrative

Behold the Lamb of God: An Advent NarrativeJust as I did last year, I am reading through Russ Ramsey’s Behold the Lamb of God: An Advent Narrative every morning of Advent.

(Before you say, “OH NO HERE SHE GOES WITH THE ANDREW PETERSON PITCH AGAIN,” let me say, No, I am not pitching AP’s album again — although if I did, I would be completely justified in doing so. )

(To be completely on the up and up, though, this book contains some lyrics from the album and it shares the artwork.)

Ramsey’s Advent devotional begins with Creation and proceeds carefully through the Fall, Israel’s history, and the coming of Christ. If we as Christians grasp Redemption history well, we can grasp the Incarnation that much better. We ought to be people of this Story.

It’s what we like to call the “True Tall Tale.”

This year, Russ is managing a facebook group where he posts a Scripture passage, reflections, and questions from each day’s chapter. It’s not too late to join in and lend some ancient and strong significance to your Advent.

“The Lord God took this struggling man out beneath the desert sky at night, pulled back the blanket of self-doubt smothering Abram, and revealed a canopy of glimmering stars too numerous to count.”

-from chapter 4, “Number the Stars of Heaven”