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This is a refrain that I come back to again and again, in mothering, in relationships, in church, thought: instead of More, Done Poorly (or even Mediocre-ly), why not try Less, Done Well.

Here are some rules for How to Host a Crappy Dinner (And See Your Friends More Often)

This past week marked anniversary number two of the Boston Marathon bombings. Here are some photos of a survivor and his rehab nurse who were married recently in the city.

Since the first blog post got so much air time, I feel like this one should get just as much. A few years ago James MacDonald made some inflammatory statements about church government (congregational rule was “from Satan”). Here’s a great example of a humble apology and some advice for the road ahead, no matter how you plan to govern your church.

And in case you live under a rock, I will inform you that the first full-length trailer for the new Star Wars film dropped this week. The newest trend is “reaction videos” — I can’t believe we’ve reached a point in our culture where we watch other people watch something. And yet…this guy is my favorite.

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I stepped away for a bit because I’m having one of those weeks where I wildly over-scheduled myself. You don’t have those, right? I know I’m the only one.

Anyway, here’s to slowing down a bit. Enjoy this overstocked post of bits of goodness from the interwebz:

This was an interesting milestone in the life of the Presbyterian Church of America: Pastor Ligon Duncan reflects on years of a conscious pursuit of more diversity in the PCA.

Now friends, I am a son of the old Southern Presbyterian Church. These are my people, and I am no better than my fathers. It is humiliating to stand before you today and confess these things.

So, what happened? What accounts for this change, and for our present joy in you?

Well, the answer is complex, and many things could be said…. But it gets down to the cross, the Gospel and repentance.

Our family is already big fans of Stephen Curry, the Charlotte-area native who is breaking records left and right with the Golden State Warriors. He is a humble, kind man. Here’s a great picture of him asking for an autograph from Mo’ne Davis.

The One Question Every Parent Should Quit Asking

Sometimes It Really Is As Simple As Cake: a lovely reflection on the simple art of feeding people.

Alissa Wilkinson rightfully scolds our “hot take” culture: In Praise of Slow Opinions

And lastly, this is a great interpretation of what was already good advice from Ira Glass.