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This is a refrain that I come back to again and again, in mothering, in relationships, in church, thought: instead of More, Done Poorly (or even Mediocre-ly), why not try Less, Done Well.

Here are some rules for How to Host a Crappy Dinner (And See Your Friends More Often)

This past week marked anniversary number two of the Boston Marathon bombings. Here are some photos of a survivor and his rehab nurse who were married recently in the city.

Since the first blog post got so much air time, I feel like this one should get just as much. A few years ago James MacDonald made some inflammatory statements about church government (congregational rule was “from Satan”). Here’s a great example of a humble apology and some advice for the road ahead, no matter how you plan to govern your church.

And in case you live under a rock, I will inform you that the first full-length trailer for the new Star Wars film dropped this week. The newest trend is “reaction videos” — I can’t believe we’ve reached a point in our culture where we watch other people watch something. And yet…this guy is my favorite.


Lazy Cultural Engagement: “…we tend to treat actual cultural artifacts in the way we sometimes treat the Bible: as “proof texts” from which we can draw principles or truths for application. Though we love the Bible, we evangelicals in particular have often treated verses as if they stand alone, forgetting that the story in which they appear speaks just as much as the verses themselves. Form speaks, as well as content.”

I guess it’s a movie day today in linkage. Here’s Thomas MacKenzie’s review of the new Left Behind movie, which starts off being hilarious and ends up being really encouraging.

I posted this a while back on facebook, but I wanted to keep it here, too. Maybe you need this encouragement for moms that It’s Their Day, Too.

Here’s a worthwhile kickstarter to support. Sam Smith is a good friend of ours and he’s putting out his first novel! My kids laughed and laughed over this video:

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I loved Tsh’s reflections on her increasing gray hair. We are the same age, and I have plans to do the same — though I am not showing much gray yet.

If you are an instagrammer, you might enjoy this post called What I Instagrammed vs. What Was Really Happening, Or My Entire Life Is A Lie

In case you aren’t feeling depressed enough about the state of politics and our country: Darth Vader is Polling Higher Than All Potential 2016 Presidential Candidates

This week I was reminded of this post of Rebecca’s: To Young Mothers of Toddlers and Babies.