Linkage 2.7.15

Do you have a student who is struggling to finish well? I commend to you this article by Joy Clarkson: Senioritis: 8 Reasons to do Your Homework

The Rabbit Room continues to do things that are amazingly cool. This week they published two scripts for plays by National Book Award-winner Walt Wangerin Jr.

And in case you didn’t see it on social media yesterday, I’m now officially a regular contributor at Story Warren. Here’s my first post from yesterday, which you may want to read whilst drinking hot chocolate.

Allies in Imagination

I have benefited greatly from this website, and I’m glad to see it summed up so well.

This Is Story Warren – Allies in Imagination from Laidley Media on Vimeo.

(I am a total nerd, because I teared right up when he said, “they heard…the horns of Rohan.” ¬†What a moment.)

Story Warren

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